It is almost the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, and I decided to place a certain word at their border. It’s a word that had an important impact on my life, holding more meanings than I can count.. It’s a word meant to mark, both, the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one:

f o c u s

Now..let me tell you a bit about f o c u s.

The word f o c u s comes directly from the Latin f o c u s, which meant “fireplace” or “hearth”. This is what f o c u s originally meant in English when the word entered the language around 1635.

It was used in so many areas, including science, literature and geometry.

  • In the 1650s, the influential English philosopher Thomas Hobbes used f o c u s for a fixed point in geometry.
  • So did Isaac Newton in the 1690s.
  • In physics, a f o c u s is a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected heating or enlighting that particular point.

Reflecting on all the above, I think of centricity, energy, and flow. It sounds pretty positive, isn’t it? And still, there could be one downside to it..

2 giants

In my life, f o c u s, has left an important mark on my experiences by awakening 2 giants: One of them is the flow state (the good one, as mentioned above). The flow state has brought amazing things into my life as it helped me to channel my energy toward creation. When I f o c u s e d my resourced properly, goals and dreams catched shape and have risen up.

The other giant is loss. Loss occured when f o c u s slipped too much on the inside and recentered itself more on the future than the present. This is its downside. F o c u s is wonderful as long as is not stealing your present from you through capturing your thoughts in the daydreaming.

My wish for 2023 is to not let that happen. To be more present. To live more in the now.

As for you, remember the etymology of the word: a fireplace, your heart.

I wish that you find the fire that fuels your heart and let it guide your energy toward your greatest goals! When you remember that f o c u s is the ultimate key to your energy, you realize how much power you hold in your heart.

Use it wisely.

Have an amazing 2023!





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