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I am glad to find you here! I hope you will find insightful topics aligned with your curiosity cravings and leave with valuable takeaways.

Who am I? I am a tremendously curious human being, who’s completely passionate about the wonders of life.

Writing has always been one of my minds’ playground through the depth which is offering in exploring and understand both simple and complex ideas. 


  • DECONSTRUCTS of MARKETING STRATEGIES and STORYTELLING FRAMEWORKS found in topic which intereted me and I found the fascinating from a strategic insights angle. 
  • PATTERNS DISCOVERIES in understanding HUMAN BEHAVIOR and our PSYCHIC. One of my philosophies in life is that one can only progress and develop throiugh pshilosophical meditation – the one that we do to asses ourselves after certain circumstances that have either empowered us or challenged us.  
  • PERSONAL STORIES which had an insightful impact on my understanding of life, others or self.

In short, you cand find more about my: