Your mind is wandering inside
Your soul is searching his lost pride
Your heart is looking to release
Her energy that’s chained in peace.

And all this chaos that is tamed
With no one else but us to blame
It’s growing strong and pulsing life
While waiting for its break to thrive.

And while we’re locked inside to change
The earth revives through this exchange
She blooms and breaths and shouts for more
A freedom that she’s lost before.

Just picture all those years of pain
When forests burned, she teared through rain
She lost her clothes, her skin got dried
Through drought she crashed under the sky.

And we were there, yet lost in greed.
Not blind, just driven to succeed.
How sad to see all this ‘success’
It’s filled too much with rough excess.

Now here we are, the lap ain’t done
We sprinted way too much this run
And we forgot it’s not a race
This human journey we embrace.

We’re learning, doing, we forget
We make mistakes, then we regret
We change, we rise, we fall, we thrive
We’re playing safe and then we dive.

Today is our turn to burn
The old beliefs absorbed and learned
Then rise again from ashes flakes
Much wiser…making less mistakes.

Warm thanks to a dear friend who pushed me to take the inspiration further. @Ovidiu Popeti 


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